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What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a revolutionary, effective, yet simple, non-invasive energy medicine based on the premise "The Body Knows How to Heal Itself."

Every experience, every scar, every line, each injury, inflammation, and infection contribute to your story and your current state of health.  Unraveling the story piece by piece and finding the underlying cause of dis-ease optimizes function and enables better health.  


Dr. John Veltheim developed BodyTalk in the 90's, basing his work on his many years as a chiropractor and acupuncturist.  His post-graduate work included Applied Kinesiology, Bio-energetic Psychology, Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine, sports medicine, counseling, comparative philosophy and theology, and years of research, practice, and experience. 

BodyTalk encompasses Western Anatomy and Physiology, Ancient Chinese and Indian Wisdom, Modern Physics and Mathematics, and Quantum applications of the latest science. Using this broad spectrum of knowledge
and information, BodyTalk seeks to address the whole person: body, mind, spirit.

While BodyTalk uses a myriad of techniques for healing, BodyTalk does not use drugs, manipulation or surgery – these are done by doctors, specialists, and practitioners in their respective fields. BodyTalk is a complementary system alongside traditional medical care.

Your BodyTalk practitioner is professionally trained to address your needs in a gentle, holistic way that does not involve drugs, surgery, or extraordinary costs.

Nancy Oakes, BodyTalk Body Intuitive_edited.jpg
"My life was transformed
when I discovered BodyTalk."
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Who Can Benefit from BodyTalk?

Everyone: from babies & teenagers to adults & seniors, from athletes to the bedridden and everyone in-between.

We all have a past: previous experiences, toxin exposures, and traumas. In addition, everyone lives with inherited dynamics passed down through the generations. A trauma from a grandfather can affect you in the present, limiting your outlook and perspective.  The fears of a great-grandparent can limit your ability to connect with other people today. 

Clearing out past experiences through BodyTalk reduces stress, improves body mechanics, and releases the bodymind to experience life more fully...  freeing you to engage in life with a fresh, revitalized outlook.

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