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A BodyTalk for Animals session complements treatment from a veterinarian, to accelerate healing and reduce stress.


Our pets have intricate body systems that suffer trauma, falls, digestive upsets, bruises, frights, and many other issues, just as we do.

BodyTalk for Animals sessions are generally done at a distance and all Animal sessions are done "hands off." If a surrogate is needed, the owner joins in the session. Your pet gets to stay at home and be comfortable in their own surroundings.


The caretaker of the animal gives a verbal intake of the presenting issues and some history. Present conditions in the family are noted. Animals are very integrated into the entire family group and can take on the stresses and health conditions of the owners.

Animals usually respond more quickly than humans because they aren't layered with as many belief systems and have a simpler mindset; therefore, the changes can be seen soon after a session. 

BodyTalk is a complementary practice to veterinary care and not a replacement. 

"My dog really responded well"

"I had a session with Nancy, and my small dog went with me.  I noticed how perky he was after that. Nancy told me that she works with animals too, so Max had his own session. He is over 14 years old, and he is playing like a puppy now.  He is acting like his younger and more active self. He sleeps at night, instead of sleeping the day away.  It is a joy to see!"  Callahan from Blairsville

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If Only Your Animal Could Talk

Storm Stress

Joint Pain


Digestive Issues

Spinal Alignment

Senior Slowdown

Resistance to Commands

Loss of Energy

Skin Sensitivity



My dear kitty Annie is jumping up on her favorite chairs again after 3 sessions from you.

After she suddenly lost her ability to jump up on furniture, my vet dismissed it as Arthritis and being overweight. After three very detailed sessions from you, she's jumping again and much more interactive with the family. The insight you were able to provide about trauma during her birth made us realize what a remarkable strong animal she is.  I can't thank you enough for making her well and freeing her from the trauma of those early days! I have some kitty stairs for sale.  She won't be needing them any more!

Bonnie from Ontario (Annie's mom)

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Daisy is a new cat! super affectionate, more interactive... and her eyes are not puffy. Chin acne is clearing up!  You are a miracle worker!   Thank you!   Brenda, and son John

Boy with Dog
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