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As a retired Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor, I recommend Nancy as a truly great Relaxation Therapist.  I have the opportunity to use her services for that, and in over forty years of practice, she is one of the very best! Believe me: I have worked with highly skilled therapists for many years. 

It has been a blessing for me to work with her.

Thank you, Nancy!      - Rose

"Very Happy with Nancy"

"I am in my late 70's, and my body seems to be be betraying me in new ways, far too often. I don't know what Nancy does, but she goes deep, does something, and makes my problems go away. That's all I care about.  She is kind, thorough, and she gets results." - PK

"My back stopped hurting immediately"

"I have had pain with it all my life, off and on. One morning I couldn't move without yipping and yelping. I met with Nancy twice that day. She asked me to tell about my life when I was 17. Emotional trauma that I had thought was handled a long time ago, surfaced and spilled over, and the healing came. Nancy is compassionate, gentle, and excellent at her practice. My back felt great by afternoon and hasn't kicked up since. I am so grateful."    - GK

"My Depression Lifted."

For all of my life, I had lived with deep grief, sorrow, guilt and anger.  After our first Bodytalk session, I felt as if a great burden had been lifted.

I had more joy inside of me rather than looking for outside stimulation.

I wanted more sessions.  I wanted to address some of my many physical ailments:  sore hips, sore knees, weak legs, skin irritations, blood sugar fluctuations, and more.

After a few sessions, my life is joyful every day. I wake up smiling.  - ME


"A Good Night Sleep!"

In our session, Nancy zeroed right in on my sleep issue. The night of our session, I slept over 8 hours, easily went back to sleep when I woke up and felt more replenished than I had in a long time!


Bonus: I also had been having digestive issues for a couple of weeks and the next day, I was able to enjoy a full range of foods, again. I highly recommend Nancy’s work!  - LB

"My Knee Feels Great"

"The thought that my knee pain would keep me from hiking long trails was a big scare of mine. But just after two treatments with Nancy, I felt more connected with my body inside and out. No pain! - AT Hiker

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"Vertigo & Bi-Polar Symptoms, Gone!"


In three sessions Nancy and BodyTalk cleared long term bipolar disorder symptoms and my recent vertigo nightmare.   I have suffered the life-damaging effects of bipolar disorder for 60 years. The world is a new place for me now!  - Gail, Western New York

Jasmine Hong

"Fatigue and Digestive Issues"

Nancy not only energetically lifted a lot of issues but tapped into deeper problems I had been unconsciously harboring. Things that would have seemed complicated and overwhelming before suddenly seemed manageable. Her enthusiasm and sincere desire to help her clients shine throughout her sessions.  - Jasmine Hong, Acupuncturist, CBP, Author of "Duru Indi"

"Highly Recommend"

Nancy is a highly competent and compassionate practitioner who  follows the voice of her innate wisdom.  It was a pleasure working with her, and I know you will have an equally rewarding experience, too.    - BR

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"Feelings of Guilt - Disappeared"

Entering Nancy's BodyTalk office gives me complete peace. My first session was phenomenal. A lifetime of guilt just disappeared.    - Barb G

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"Physical, Mental & Emotional Relief"

Nancy spotted very fast the key issues that were holding me back to thrive, physically, emotionally and mentally. Already after the first session, I felt a lot clearer, more grounded inside myself and more confident that I have what it takes to face challenges and changes.

  - Francesca Giulia Mereu, Executive Coach

Author: Recharge Your Batteries

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